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16 November 2015 : 9 h 00 min - 18 h 30 min

GEWEX Upper Tropospheric Clouds & Convection PROcess Evaluation Study meeting

16 Nov 2015

Pierre and Marie Curie University, Jussieu, Paris, France

9:45 Introduction
G. Stephens

9:55 Feedback hypotheses (Moderator : G. Stephens)
Radiative balance in the upper troposphere : role of water vapour and clouds
G. Stephens for V. Ramaswamy, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton University, USA

Climate/ hydrological sensitivities and IRIS effect
T. Mauritsen, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany 

Thermodynamical interpretation of the impact of convective aggregation on high cloud amount and large-scale circulations
S. Bony, LMD, Paris, France 


1) observations : cloud systems and atmospheric environment

new ISCCP data set
J. Luo for W. B. Rossow, CUNY, New York, USA:

Mesoscale Convective Systems in the Tropics
R. Roca, LEGOS, France

Evolution of anvil properties along tropical deep convection life cycle
R. Roca for D. Bouniol, CNRM, Toulouse, France

A multi-geostationnary data set at full space and time resolution to observe high cloud
cover in the tropics
G. Sèze, LMD, France

Scaling characteristics of observed oceanic rainfall in the tropics
Ch.-K. Teo, Earth Observatory, Singapore

Cloud systems in the upper troposphere derived from IR Sounders
S. Protopapadaki & C. Stubenrauch, LMD, France

2) including the atmospheric flow: Cirrus origin and life cycle

Lifecycle View of Tropical Deep Convection and Cirrus Clouds
J. Luo, CUNY, New York, USA

Transport and mixing in the TTL: Convective sources
B. Legras, LMD, France

Effects of gravity waves on tropical cirrus clouds
R. Plougonven, LMD, France

Real case study of a tropical tropopause layer cirrus and its impact
A. Podglajen, LMD, France


3) processes and parameterizations (CRM, GCM)

Deep Convection and Cirrus Anvils in CRM RCE Simulations
G. Stephens for S. Van Den Heever, Colorado State University, USA

Use of water isotope observations for evaluation of convective parameterization
C. Risi, LMD, France

Representation of precipitation and clouds associated with deep convection in the LMDZ GCM
C. Rio, LMD / CNRM, France

High clouds in the LMDZ climate model: overview & future development
J. B. Madeleine, LMD, France

Cirrus cloud formation mechanisms in ECHAM-HAM GCM
B. Gasparini, ETHZ, Switzerland

4) Radiative transfer

Vertically-resolved radiative fluxes from CloudSat-CALIPSO
G. Stephens for T. L’Ecuyer, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Some elements on computing radiative heating effects of high-altitude cloud systems
C. Stubenrauch & A. Feofilov, LMD, France

Discussions on how we can advance on the subject by joining forces
18:30 end


16 November 2015
9 h 00 min - 18 h 30 min




Paris, France + Google Map