Data access

CIRS-ML radiative heating rates, vertical cloud structure & rain rate indication from 2004 to 2018

The radiative heating rate profiles from NASA CloudSat-CALIPSO FLXHR data (R04), cloud top height and vertical extent from CloudSat-CALIPSO GEOPROF (R04) have been extended in space and time by artificial neural network (ANN) regression models applied on cloud properties from CIRS-AIRS and atmospheric and surface properties from ERA-Interim re-analyses. 
A rain intensity classification has been built in the same manner from CloudSat PRECIP-COLUMN data (R04). 
This rain intensity classification is more efficient to detect large latent heating than cold cloud temperature (Stubenrauch et al. 2023). 

  • Daily data access
  • Monthly mean clear sky data access
  • Data information
  • How to retrieve easily the data (quick start)
    • Example using curl for daily data access
      • curl -insecure “{YEAR}/{MONTH}/HR_CIRS-ML_0130AM_{YEAR}{MONTH}[01-31].nc” -O
    • Example using curl for monthly mean data access
      • curl -insecure “{YEAR}/HR_clrsky_CIRS-ML_0130AM_{YEAR}[01-12].nc” -O

Tracking of organized convection from 2012 onwards

Access to TOOCAN data