UTCC-PROES Meeting 2017

GEWEX Upper Tropospheric Clouds & Convection PROcess Evaluation Study meeting

28 – 29 March 2017

City College of New York, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center

Day 1

9:10 – GEWEX update, why PROESGraeme Stephens.

9:30 – GEWEX Aerosol Precipitation initiative, Susan van den Heever.

9:45 UTCC PROES update & goals for this meeting, Claudia Stubenrauch.

10:00 Convective Updraft Speeds : A Correlate to Climate Sensitivity ? Leo Donner.

Observational analyses (20 minutes each)

11:00 – Coupling tropical convection to anvil properties using a cloud system approach, Sofia Protopapadaki, Claudia Stubenrauch (presenter).

11:25 – Relationships between convective strength and anvil development based on AIRS-CloudSat, Hanii Takahashi, Sofia Protopapadaki, Claudia Stubenrauch, and Z. Johnny Luo.

11:50 – Level of neutral buoyancy, Deep convective outflow, convective core and entrainment rates: New insights from 5-years of CloudSat data, Hanii Takahashi, Z. Johnny Luo (presenter) and Graeme Stephens.

12:15 Identifying organized convection in GPM satellite data, Tony Del Genio and Greg Elsaesser.

Heating of convection and UT clouds (20 minutes each)

14:15Convective vs anvil heating structures and their impact on the large-scale circulation, Courtney Schumacher.

14:40 – Re-assessing the Role of Ice Clouds in Earth’s Radiation Budget, Tristan L’Ecuyer.

15:05 – Determining Radiative Heating Rates of UT cloud systems, Claudia Stubenrauch, Sofia Protopapadaki, Artem Feofilov.

Process studies (20 minutes each)

16:20 – Diagnosing Cloud Microphysical Process Information from Remote Sensing Measurements; A Feasibility Study Using Aircraft Data : Tropical Anvils Measured during TC4, Jay Mace and Sally Benson.

16:45 – Life cycle of ice crystals detrained from deep convection from airborne measurements, Eric Jensen.

17:10 – Diurnal variations and organization of convective systems over South China Sea during summer monsoon onset, Wei-Ting Chen, Chien-Ming Wu, Wei-Ming Tsai, and Peng-Jen Chen.

Day 2

Process studies continued (20 minutes each)

9:00Satellite data analysis of convective and UT cloud variabilities, Hiro Masunaga.

9:25 Water balances of convective systems, Rachel Storer.

9:50The Characteristics of Deep Convection over Varying SSTs, Susan Van den Heever.

Parameterizations and model diagnostic studies (20 minutes each)

11:00Towards representing the impact of convection on cirrus in a large scale climate model. Ulrike Burkhardt.

11:25In situ vs liquid-origin cirrus in ECHAM-HAM GCM. Blaz Gasparini.

11:50Improved diagnostics for UT cloud assessment in the LMDZ climate model, Marine Bonazzola, Sofia Protopapadaki, Claudia Stubenrauch (presenter).