UTCC-PROES Meeting 2016

GEWEX Upper Tropospheric Clouds & Convection PROcess Evaluation Study meeting

29 Apr 2016,

Room 2307, Central Tower (Tour Zamansky), Pierre and Marie Curie University, Jussieu, Paris


9:30 – Introduction & Syntheses of meetings in Paris & at IRS, Claudia Stubenrauch, LMD, Paris, France.

9:45 – Satellite-Based Estimation of Convective and Large-Scale Mass Fluxes: New Diagnostics for Evaluating GCM Cumulus Parameterization, Hiro Masunaga, Nagoya Univ., Japan, & Johnny Luo, CUNY, New York, USA.

10:20 – Determination of large-scale mass fluxes from reanalyses, Ann Sophie Tissier & Bernard Legras, LMD, Paris, France.

10:40 – Update on cloud systems in the upper troposphere derived from IR Sounders & synergies, Sofia Protopapadaki, C. Stubenrauch & A. Feofilov, LMD, Paris, France.

11:00 – Heating rate comparison among reanalysis, Bernard Legras, LMD, Paris, France.

11:25 – Including geostationary satellite data? Geneviève Sèze, LMD, Paris, France.

14:15 – Atmosphere opacity observed by Calipso: link with LW cloud feedback, Helène Chepfer, LMD, Paris, France.

14:35 – Upper tropospheric convective and cloud processes as a function of convective intensity, aggregation and life cycle: a multi-dataset synergy, C. Risi, LMD, Paris, France.

14:55 – Improved diagnostics for high cloud assessment in the LMDZ climate model, M. Bonazzola, LMD, Paris, France.

15:45 – CFMIP plans, Helène Chepfer, LMD, Paris, France.

17:00 – End